Eastman Graphics
Eastman Graphics

  • In-house fabrication

    At Eastman Graphics we really love what we do, so our goal was to create a facitilty that could make

    everything we designed and offered  In- House. This essentially means that your quality is managed better, your lead times are better, and costs are kept in check. We price ourselves on high quality and great service.

    fabrication services

    CNC Routing

    Grocery Interior Lettering

    Our CNC routing  capability allow us to produce extremely accurate signs and components for your project. Contact us for more details.

    Laser Cutting/Engraving

    Metabiota Wall Display

    Laser cutting allows for precise cutting of Acrylic, wood and metal. 

    Paint Finishing

    Green Bay Packers Interior Display

    We use Matthews Paint system to finish our signs and displays. This system allows for a highly durable finish and easy to match color system when working between PMS and standard paint systems.


    Oliver's Markets Aisle Marker

    Eastman Graphics is a wood and metal fabricator. We work with many type of wood and can fabricate aluminum and steel.


    Metabiota Wall Display

    We can work with a wide variety of cast and extruded acrylic products, as well as HDF to create unique displays and signage.

    Fabrication and Assembly

    Oakmont Senior Living ADA plaques

    We can custom fabricate most type of signs, interior graphic fixtures, and ADA/wayfinding signage. Contact to discuss your next project